Best Alternative to GroupManager?

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    Ive been serching these forums for an hour and cannot find the answer to a simple question...
    GroupManager is the plugin that allowed you to use /promote <player> and it would bring them up one leve at a time but not to yours or above yours unless OP....
    What is the best replacement for this now dead plugin?
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    Daniel Heppner

    Just use PermissionsBukkit and learn the new commands.
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    it doesnt look like it supports groups even though it says it does... can anyone post a finished group.yml for me to reference in the PermissionsBukkit format? i cant find any examples that actually use groups... thanks

    ok so i ben trying everything with PB and mChat... cannot get them to work

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    Currently theres no good alternative to GroupManager! And PermissionsBukkit is still too crude!
    Plz, somebody have a heart and continue GroupManager! :oops:
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    Ok so I am trying out Permissions 3.16 w/PermissionPlus 3.2 inc pAlias, anyone have a link to a Permissions 3.16 FAQ or general help with these 3? sure i got PP help from the plugin page and pAlias help form its page.. but cannot find Permissions 3.16 anywhere, I dun get it, did it just fall off the map? Thanks!
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    Well I did it successfully... thank you for your help guys.
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    I am working on GroupManager+

    This will solve your issue when we release it :)
    Should be very soon.
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    Permissions yeti did have a promote function that you configured using tracks in your permissions configs
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    TEMP FIX: thank you all, for ll you hav done and still do as devs... and for the help here.... Just to be clear incase anyone who sees this is lost...
    I am running
    CraftBukkit 1000
    Permissions 3.16
    PermissionsPlus 3.2 w/P2Alias inc
    HeroChat .. latest 4 series? cant remember

    anyway, this is working fine for what i was looking for and /promote and demote works great. If anyone that finds this needs the resources I used, I will do my best to back track and post.

    So for now.. till a wonderfull dev or group of them comes up with something easier to use and up-to-date, I wil stick with this for now.
    Happy Mining :)

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