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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by KillerPike, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Hello Bukkit forums!

    Recently, I’ve been laying out ideas for a server. The problem is that a lot of the server concepts would be much better with ‘new’ items and mobs, but I don’t want to use mods.

    I am aware that there are ways to make ‘new’ or ‘custom’ items through plugins, the most commonly used method is the NewItems plugin. The downside I see with this method is that for one, it costs thirty bucks, and the reason I’m learning to make plugins is to make a server with less money. I’d also like some specifics on how a plugin like this works, I think it uses the texture of a ‘frozen’ (Stopped) spawner, If that’s the case, then I really don’t think I could use it because this server will be a Factions-style server.

    I have another method I’m not opposed to looking into, but before I explain it, if you have any other alternatives, please comment them, I’m not desperate, but I am definitely looking for an alternative.

    What is this other method, you ask?

    It’s an idea that I have no clue if it’ll work, I am in the early stages of plugin making, I know next to nothing, and I’m here to seek the advice of expert plugin makers to see if this concept is even slightly feasible.

    There was a plugin made by a team known as the Alurma Dev Team, a development team in I believe 2014-ish. This plugin was called MoreMaterials, allowing custom blocks and items. It had another plugin that depended on it called Sprout which added custom plants and items.

    Both of these plugins relied on another resource called Spoutcraft. What Spoutcraft was, I don’t know. It was downloaded from a different website, so I don’t think it was a plugin, but as to exactly what it was, I cannot say.

    The issue with all of this, and likely the reason Spoutcraft was deleted and MoreMaterials and Sprout abandoned, was the client had to have downloaded the Spoutcraft client to play on Spoutcraft servers, which is likely why the Alurma Dev Team switched to making mods, as far as I can tell.

    Now my question is; could we replicate this? What would the limits be? How much would the user have to download, and how would that likely work? And, finally, if the user had the right downloads, could he theoretically join any server running the server downloaded with this ‘new Spoutcraft’, or would he have to download something per-server?

    To elaborate on the questions:

    Could we replicate this?

    I know it worked for the Alurma Dev Team, true, I do not know to what extent, or any specifics, but it seemed to have worked at one point in time.

    This question is basically could we replicate it, and if so how would it work?

    What would the limits be?

    I know this system could add more blocks and items, but could it add other things? Mobs, for example.

    How much would the user have to download, and how would it work?

    Would it work in a system of say, Minecraft Forge, where it adds a different sort of ‘version’ to the launcher? Would it require it’s own launcher? Would it be a download and put in a folder thing?

    And, depending on what it is, could we make it one download? The only way this could take off if it is simple to use.

    Would the user have to download things per-server?

    Would he have to download a base client-side something, then download another thing for the server, or does the server hold all additional information?

    For example, let’s say I make custom blocks for my server, would the user have to download my custom blocks in some sort of file, or would he be able to join the server and download, say, a texture pack or something, IE, does it work like mods or plugins?

    I think a lot of people are going to say that even if this works, it’ll be to similar to mods to become popular. I agree, and disagree.

    This is similar to mods in that it would require the client to download something to access the servers, but if it was a single download, or a single download then a per-server download, it’d be much simpler than mods, especially if it had it’s own launcher, for example.

    I see it as being better than mods, but worse than plugins.

    It’s better than mods because it would be many less downloads to join a wider variety of servers, but it’s worse than plugins because it requires the client-side user to download something to access servers.

    The best case scenario I can think of would be having it be in the regular launcher like forge, and allowing users to join servers directly from it. Another next-to-best case scenario would be to for this to have it’s own launcher which could be used to join servers, or if necessary directly download the necessary stuff.

    If anyone could think of a way to do this, that doesn’t make it literally mods, I will likely assemble a team and make it.

    Keep in mind this is definitely not my preferred method, I’d like a completely vanilla server, but if it takes making something new, I’m not afraid to do it.

    Have a good day everyone, and thanks for the read.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @KillerPike This would require mods, at least for blocks. (which are not supported on here)
    Items can be reskinned and take different actions based on what a plugin does.
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    Thanks, I doubted it was possible, but I did need the confirmation, thank you.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @KillerPike It really depends on what you want though
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    Well, the custom mobs can be scrapped as a want, I have an alternate system for them.

    As for what I want, more items without replacing existing items, without modding, ultimately. Mainly because I want this server to have a lot of different items it’d be nearly impossible to actually have gameplay, if not impossible.

    For example, I’ve been looking to make a modern weapons plugin that wouldn’t require replacing current items, like quality armory claims to do.

    I’d also want custom crops like the Sprout plugin, but realistically it doesn’t seem possible, and I don’t really want to go to a slimefun system that uses leaf blocks around saplings or retextured head blocks, because it just doesn’t seem as natural from a gameplay perspective.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @KillerPike Combined blocks or retextured heads are your best option for this without mods.
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    What do you mean by combined blocks?

    And, if I used heads, would there be a limit on how many items I could create through them? Also, could I use a server resources pack to retexture the head to appear like regular items, or do they have to stay like heads?
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    For items, you should use DamageValues, like what I did with my QualityArmory Plugin (Github.)

    For blocks, you can use this tutorial.

    For mobs, this cannot be done. There is currently no support with resoucepacks that allow you to add or edit new mobs.
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