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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by HeyItsaMario, Nov 2, 2013.

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    What plugins would be necessary for a server that has just been made? I have Essentials, Groupmanager, and Factions plugins.
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    I like to use WorldEdit and WorldGuard, to protect various admin buildings. Also, you may want to have NoCheatPlus or Anticheat, to prevent anyone from cheating on your server.

    And really, the rest is up to you depending on how you want your server to work. For example, you might want to setup an economy, and use a shop plugin to sell/buy items from players. You may also want to have McMMO, as many players are used to it.

    Just take a look around at servers you like and see what plugins they use (try using /pl. if it's disabled, just ask the moderators and hope they'll reply).

    Good luck with your server!
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    Does WorldGuard work with 1.6.4 servers?
    And, how do I use SafeZone and WarZone?
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    Not sure about using safezone and warzone but yes, wordguard works on 1.6.4
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    You should use Worldedit and Worldguard as mentioned above.
    About WorldEdit; Only give it to people you trust. I've been griefed by some admins when I gave them worldedit...
    Also, I recommend CoreProtect, as it can log blocks, chat, commands, chest transactions, and much more! It also logs worldedit, and is good at rollbacks, it's good against griefing. I like LWC for locking things, Vault for economy, and ChestShop, so you can make admin Shops for your players
  6. Safezone and Warzone are generally related to the protection integration of the "Factions" plugin.
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    What's LWC? Lockette plugin?
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    To use Safezone and Warzone do /f claim warzone/safezone
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    If you're having troubles with Safezone and Warzone claiming with /f claim warzone or /f claim safezone, by default the warzone and safezone factions are created, and with the correct permissions you should be able to /f join Safezone/Warzone and join either of them and then you can just do /f claim and it will claim for the faction you're currently in.
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    How do I claim within a specific radius? Like a PVP arena that is 29x30. How do I make it WarZone? I joined warzone and did /f claim 29 but it was like claiming hundreds of pieces of land. I had to stop the server and restart, then do /unclaimall
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    /f claim warzone Radius, yes it will spam but wait it out and it will work.

    If you have a lot of questions for a lot of different plugins try looking on the plugins page, they usually have good support for the big plugins such as factions, essentials etc.
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    I didn't say I wanted to know the command /f claim WarZone <radius> , because I already know that. I'm saying when I try it, it claims WAY MORE than I want it to. I was asking how to use it, because when I tried it, it claimed like 600 pieces of land, when I only want it to claim a land piece of 30 blocks.
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    If you did /f claim warzone 10 it would claim 10 blocks in very direction, no not 40. This goes out 10 in each direction then links them up, like a square.
    To test it out do /f claim warzone 3 then do /f map and you will see what i mean.
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