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    I'm new to bukkit. I just ran the .bat and yay, my server starts! I'm just wondering if now that Bukkit has created all its nice files in my server folder, if I can go back to using the regular server client. I understand that they're equally functional, but I compiled my server .bat into an exe for the occasion, so on and so forth. If I don't continue to use the bukkit client, will all of my bukkit plugins and such stop working?

    Thanks, those of you most likely facepalming right now.
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    If you mean original client by using the Minecraft multiplayer server client, then I'm almost positive no. Plugins ONLY work with a corresponding client .jar file, so I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to run the craftbukkit.jar with a minecraft server client, as it also has a .jar file of it's own. Just stick to the .bat file, and make life a lot easier.
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    The thing is, being able to run the original Minecraft server.exe would make life a lot easier on /me/. Otherwise, why would I be posting this?

    EDIT: Nevermind, got the bukkit server optimized for me as the vanilla one was. Case closed.
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    Hey don't get smart I'm just trying to tell you the facts. Why do you want to use the Minecraft server.exe so bad? The craftbukkit.jar build is sooo much more beneficial, as you can have a lot more features and abilities even without any plugins. Also, plugins only work with craftbukkit.jar, not Minecraft server.exe. What makes the start.bat so annoying to use? It's simple, and pretty straight forward. Also, if entering the server commands on a start.bat is confusing to you or something, you can do it ingame too.

    Otherwise dude I'm sorry, but if you want to have a simplistic and easy going server stick with the Minecraft server.exe. If you want to have a server with endless possiblities that may require just a little bit more work and looking into, then go for a Craftbukkit server. If you decide to make a craftbukkit server, I would be glad to answer any of your questions, no matter how derpy they may be.
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    What I /mean/ is that it takes a bit more effort to get the server going. I want to use the CB server which is why I was asking, but I wanted the benefits that came from the vanilla client as well.

    I've solved my problems, though, so I have no need for further advice/ridicule.
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    Dude I'm sorry if we had a misunderstanding or something. If I came across as a smartass to you I apologize. I'm just trying to help. I don't really appreciate how you automatically assumed I was "ridiculing" you. If you don't appreciate my help and advice, fine. Just don't expect me to help you if you need it anymore. Sorry.
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    And I don't appreciate how you automatically assumed I was getting smart with you. I appreciate your help and advice very much, because I know it's not your obligation to come here and help me. Perhaps we just got off on the wrong foot, so I'd like it if we could forget this. I'd be happy to take you up on your offer if you're still willing to help.

    EDIT: Actually, I do have a few questions.

    For one, is it possible at all to install mods meant for the vanilla server on a bukkit server? I'd say no, since there are bukkit ports for a reason, but I wanted to know.
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    I'm pretty sure that's not possible. I'm not a plugin maker so I have no idea how coding works and such, but I would assume it's compatibility reasons. Craftbukkit I think has a different coding then vanilla servers.
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    I've pretty much given up on the mods I want, anyways, as Smart Moving (the main one) works with clients that have smart moving MP installed, anyways. I'll just allow the use of it on the server.
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