Been inactive; how can I develop plugins and run server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ThunderWaffeMC, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Hey there. I've been inactive from Minecraft since 2013 and I'm trying to get my head around what's happening with minecraft servers. If I were to continue developing plugins and running servers, where do I begin?

    I've noticed that CraftBukkit is no longer updating the API and most servers are now using Spigot to run their servers. I've never used Spigot, so am I able to create a local server and begin developing plugins like I did in 2013 or do I now develop mods for things like Forge and Sponge (soon to be released)?

    So what is the most reliable way to develop plugins and run servers nowadays?
    Is Bukkit coming back? :confused:
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    @ThunderWaffeMC, googling Bukkit DMCA will explain why the Bukkit team no longer makes bukkit. Essentially, Wolverness issued a DMCA on the project because the Bukkit team has put thousands of hours of work into a project that was claimed to be open source. Meanwhile, Mojang has owned the code for years and neglected to make a clear cut statement of ownership. The Bukkit team has been giving mojang free labor for 4 years, and they weren't going to stand for it. Hence the DMCA. While it is upsetting, I believe that it was the right thing to do. Mojang refuses rebuttal because (in my opinion) they know he is right.
    The current active and deticated mods are @timtower, @bwfcwalshy, @mrCookieSlime, and ZeldoKavira. No tag on the last one because he/she is mostly responsible for community messages and not much else.
    The Bukkit jars can no longer be gotten under legal manners.
    TridentSDK is likely minecraft's last hope for legal, bukkit-like server mods and released their first alpha jar today. Talk to @xTrollxDudex if you want to assist them. (I would, but I don't have enough Java knowledge or free time)
    The major Bukkit change is that item IDs are deprecated. Use material enums and material data instead.
    Spigot is quite literally a Bukkit mod for performance with some added instability. It behaves the same as Bukkit always has and accepts nearly all Bukkit plugins.
    The great spigot crash of 2014. Geez that was a fun week. Just google it.
    There are a lot more events to you can listen to.
    The constructor for JavaPlugin is vastly different, meaning you may need to recompile a lot of your old plugins for minecraft 1.7, most will not be compatible with 1.8, and 1.9 (seeing from the changes Mojang has announced) will likely wreck every other plugin in existence.
    Besides that, not much has changed.

    Have I missed anything anyone? I had to be very careful with my wording because of the illegal content rules. If I went too far on something, you can edit as you'd like, mods.
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    This has to be the best summary I've seen since the DMCA happened.
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    @pookeythekid, thanks. I try.
    It's a shame what happened, but honestly, it was for the best.
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