Problem/Bug Bed respawns dont seem to work

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    I've made a server and I'm using MultiverseCore/Inventories/Portals because I've made a spawn world, when people die in the survival world they always respawn no matter what in the spawn world, which is supposed to be there for new players or if you want to explore. I tried using /mvm, but it doesn't seem to work, I tried using HomeSpawnPlus, but it also didn't seem to work.

    Does anyone have any idea how to be able to make bed respawn work again?

    Plugins installed are:

    I found how to fix the bug, and I'll say how incase someone else needs it

    If you use EssentialsX Spawn you should go to the Essentials folder in the plugins folder and open config.yml, then scroll up until you find EssentialsX Spawn + New Players
    Then scroll a little more until you find respawn-listener-priority and set it to none

    Hope this helped someone who had the same problem as me

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