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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by PaulThePirate, Oct 28, 2012.

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    basically what I'm asking for is a SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE plugin that can teleport one player to another. I know of the /tp <playername> <playername> or /tp <coords> I'd like something like that only one where I don't have to type someone's FULL minecraft name.. because there are some people out there with INCREDIBLY lonnnnng names.

    Anyone have one that works with the 1.4.2 build?
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    Essentials still works for 1.4.2 Bukkit.
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    By almost everyone's definition, Essentials isn't a "SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE plugin". :3
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    Aye' sir
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    Ah Essentials works? I think I uploaded it; but it didn't work.. And I uploaded it correctly. I think.

    I figured out my problem.. I uploaded it... But forgot to UNZIP it.. I feel smart :)
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    I believe if you upgrade to bukkit, and not vinalla, this is an out of the box feature.

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