BattleGrounds/Team PvP Plugin

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    Plugin category: Fun/Role Playing

    Suggested name: Battlegrounds or any cool name you can think of

    What I want: A plugin sort of like Survival Games but hopefully a lot simpler. A pvp/arena pvp plugin.
    -Two teams (Red and Blue) of 10 spawn on opposite sides of the map (being able to set spawns/respawns for each team). Auto sorted teams all spawning with the same armor and weapons (Preffered Iron Armor, -Iron Sword, Bow with Infinity on it, Flint and Steel, 32 Arrows) but upgradable in a GUI shop (optional but would be very nice.)

    -VIP option to pick a team.

    -Currency per kill, 1 essentials economy per kill (Maybe through Vault?). If your team wins the game get a 50 economy per kill.

    -Stats for kills/deaths/games played.

    -Have a sign join based system (right click a sign to join a lobby, lobby has a countdown, game starts when countdown is over) Be able to create multiple lobbies in different worlds with in game private chat if possible.

    -VIP joining system with permissions, higher join/kick perms. Understandable configuration file if its not too much to ask for.

    -Each team's objective is to get 100 kills or until time runs out (5-10 minute timer whatever you think fits better) Shown on Scoreboard?

    -Spectating (5 extra game slots for spectators)

    -WorldEdit selection (or any custom area selection) for arenas or just no block breaking in game and able to set spawn

    Ideas for commands:
    - /battlegrounds, /battleground, /bg - Basic command
    - /bg join {lobby} - optional command join
    - /bg lobby create {Name} - creates a lobby name and lobby spawn on the block the player stands on
    - /bg save {MapName} {LobbyName} - Saves selected WorldEdit region/Custom selection region into specified lobby
    - /bg setspawn {team} {1-10} - sets team spawns 1-10
    - /bg upgrade - optional upgradable item GUI
    - Sign format:
    Line 1: [BG]
    Line 2: join
    Line 3: Lobby Name
    Line 4: Blank
    - /bg spectate {LobbyName}
    - /bg start - Force starts game (Starts normally with at least 2 players on each team)
    - /bg stats (Alias: /stats) - Only available in-game. Shows stats
    - /bg team {team} - VIP command to pick team

    Ideas for permissions:
    - /battlegrounds, /battleground, /bg - bg.use
    - /bg join {lobby} - bg.join (Perm for signs and command)
    - /bg lobby create {Name} - creates a lobby name and lobby spawn on the block the player stands on -bg.admin
    - /bg save {MapName} {LobbyName} - bg.admin
    - /bg setspawn {team} {1-10} - bg.admin
    - /bg upgrade - bg.join
    - /bg spectate {LobbyName} - bg.spectate
    - /bg start - bg.admin
    - /bg stats (Alias: /stats) - bg.stats
    - /bg team {team} -
    -{Number} - 1-10 join-kick permission

    When I'd like it by: Anytime soon
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    Are you doing this on Bungeecord or on a normal Server?
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    @Cycrl Normal server

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