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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: BattleDome

    What I want: 16 players join a waiting lobby for a BattleDome game. They stay in the waiting lobby until 16 people join. When 16 people join, the game has a 1 minute countdown before the game starts. Alternately, there can be a /battledome start <arena>. If you don't know what BattleDome is, then I'll explain it. 2 teams (red and blue) survive on their side of the dome for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes are up, they can start PvP'ing. The way the game ends is, the team to lose all their players first, lose. The way I want the dome situation to work (because it is made out of glass) is that you are not allowed to break within 5 blocks of the dome. The dome radius size is 200 from the main waiting lobby. Also, if there is a way we can implement signs to click to join arenas, that would be nice. To make a BattleDome arena sign, here's what you would type (replace <arenaid> with arena id): [​IMG] After you type that into the sign, the sign should look like this, and be clickable: [​IMG]
    Ideas for commands: /BattleDome setwaitlobby <arena> (Sets arena waiting lobby, /BattleDome CreateArena (used with worldedit, or any other custom region selection thing), /BattleDome join <arenaid> (Joins specified game), /BattleDome jointeam <red/blue> (Join Team), /BattleDome start <arenaid>, /BattleDome end <arenaid>, /BattleDome setmainlobby (Used to set where dead players spawn)

    Ideas for permissions: Battledome.Setwaitlobby, BattleDome.CreateArena, BattleDome.Join, BattleDome.JoinTeam, BattleDome.Start, BattleDome.End, BattleDome.Spectate (No command for it, but players click on the sign to spectate)

    When I'd like it by: AnyTime. If you want any more information about the plugin, you can add me on Skype
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