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    I have (what I think) a good idea,

    At first, this plugin will require Spout, and uses Spout.

    What it should do, is that when you come close (with a configurable radius) to any hostile mob, and have any item given in the config in your inventory, music will play, so when you (for example) get close to 2 Zombies, 1 Skeleton, and 1 Spider, and 1 Creeper, a specified track will play.

    What you should be able to configure:

    The radius for when the sound starts to play.

    The amount of mobs that there have to be to make the sound play (I used 5 in the example above)

    Whether you need any sword in your inventory, or any other item.

    Another theme to use when you defeted the hostile mobs (for example: , the track doesn't have to be that long, but it's an example)

    And a valid URL to the music. (What I should use is this track, it's from Final Fantasy VII, I do not own the song:

    So when you get close to those hostile mobs, this song will play, and when you defeted them, the victory theme will play.

    I hope someone or more people like this idea, and might even make it, I can't make plugins, so it would be really cool if someone could make this (This might be a real challenge :))

    Thanks for reading,

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    PhantomNL with a plugin you can't create an audio file, but what you could do is make music with note blocks. I have never used bukkit with note blocks, so I don't think I should be the one to do it. I just wanted to let you know that you can't create new sounds, mobs, blocks, or items. - this is because those things have to be in a player's texture pack.
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    Please request this on spout forums then.
  4. Is there a way to make the music that exists in the game play at set times then?
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    Yes there is, Sketaful, and COnsole, if I have to post Spout things at the Spout forums, why are there Spout plugins in the Bukkit plugin list then?, and Forseth11, look at the Guns++ plugin, you can set in the config file wich sound has to play when a gun shoots, reloads, etc.

    Thanks for the interest,


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