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    Suggested name: Points

    What I want:
    The config should look something like this:
    Very simple.

    When a player runs the /points use command, 1 point is taken from them. A player gets points from doing "stuff" and then spends them on the commands that will be run. I'm using other plugins to run these commands and show what they are, this is just the core of it that I need.

    EDIT: Please make the storage MySQL.

    Ideas for commands:
    /points give <player> <amount>
    /points take <player> <amount>
    /points use <number>

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: Week?
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    You don't explain AT ALL what you want the plugin to do
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    No, he explained what he wanted, he just didn't go into detail about it.

    What specific tasks will players earn money from?
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    . That's more what I wanted to know , also what commands are being run or what's the name of the plugin because I don't think we can tell it to run a command if we don't know what it is
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    The players will get the points from voting, and I have a vote listener that can run /points give <player> <amount>

    The players will spend the points when they click a sign, which with VariableTriggers will run the /points use command.

    I tried to make the request as simple as I could, sorry if I didn't make enough sense.
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    For voting? There is already a plugin called "VotePoints" (I think) which lets you do this and many many more.
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    It's not working.

    I need a very lightweight plugin like what I described. I made it as simple and basic as I possibly could, I am doing everything else via VariableTriggers or Votifier.
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    Weird, for me it works. But anyways, good luck with searching, hope you will find someone. ;)
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    I won't be home till Sunday , I can do this then
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