Basic plugin - Colored tab + Above name Prefix

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    Plugin category: Misc

    Suggested name: AresTab

    What I want: Each rank has a different color on tab, and it will be above there name in the games, using TagAPI, but also above the players name has the Prefix of the rank they are in, but the prefix does not display on tab.
    Using Pex

    Ideas for commands: n/a

    Ideas for permissions:
    AresTab.Admin - Light red name on tab, then prefix &c[Admin]
    AresTab.Mod - Gold name on tab, prefix &8[Mod]
    AresTab.Assistant - Blue name on tab (Not aqua, not the really dark one, the one inbetween) prefix: &9[Assistant]
    AresTab.Pro . Aqua name on tab, prefix &b[Pro]
    AresTab.Pro+ . Aqua name on tab, prefix &b[Pro&6+&b]
    AresTab.default - Light gray name on tab, no prefix

    When I'd like it by: Whenever :)
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    Would anyone be able to make this?
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    Long ago did this, here is the link: EnTab
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    Would this display prefix in the Tab list too?
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    yes, sure

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