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  1. Plugin category: Informational

    Suggested name: BarInfo

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin that uses BarAPI and it gives all the players a boss health bar on their screen. It will scroll between 8 messages or stay at one. It depends on what you set in the config. It can also be diffrent message bars in each world. Like in the nether it can say "Nether is hot!" and in the normal world "The normal world is awesome!". If it scolls it will start at 0 health on the bar and go up for each step. Like if you have 2 messages, it will go to half and then fully up. When it reaches the end it will start at 0 again. If you only have one message it will always be full. You can also set the scoll time. It will be in seconds. If you put like 5, it will take 5 seconds for it to change to the next message.


    <bar name>:
        worlds: - What worlds it should be in. Add a ',' to add multiple worlds
        scoll-time: - The time before it changes to a new message
        message1: - A message. You can add up to 8 of these and they support colors and formatting.
        worlds: world,world_nether
        scroll-time: 2
        message1: &cOverworld and nether is awesome!
        message2. &8End isn't

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed for this plugin.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP but take your time. :)
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    Do I have you added on skype?
  3. On my old Skype wich I can't access. :/ But you are free to add me again. I will send you my Skype name.
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  4. I didn't manage to get the plugin to work when I created my own so it is open again. :/

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