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    Plugin name: BarBets

    What this plugin supposed to do:
    A gui with potion bets, when you buy a bottle that costs $100 you have a 50% chance to win $200.

    Commands - Permissions
    /bar bets - Opens the gui (barbets.access)
    /bar reload - Reload the config (barbets.admin)

    %player% = Player's name
    %winmoney% = Money that you've won from a specific bottle
    %bottle% = Bottle's name (from config)
    %money% = Player's current balance
    %losemoney% = Money that you've lost from a specific bottle
    %buymoney%= Price of a bottle

    size: 18 (the size of the gui. 9-54)
    name: 'Bar Bets' (the name of the gui)

    'Beer' (the name of the bottle)
    name: '&6Beer' (the name that will show in the gui)
    slot: 1 (the slot that it will be placed)
    cost: 100
    reward: 200
    chance: 50
    - '&aPrice: 100'
    - &aChance: 50'
    wineffect: 'happyvillager'
    loseeffect: 'angryvillager'
    - bc %player% won %winmoney% from bar bets

    Buy-Bottle: '&fYou bought a %bottle% for &a%buymoney%'
    Win-Bottle: '&aYou won %winmoney%!'
    Lost-Bottle: '&cBetter luck next time'
    No-Perm: '&cYou don't have permission to do this.'
    Not-Enought-Args: '&cError: wrong args'
    Reload: '&aReloaded'

    That's all I think. if I forgot something fix it! i hope I helped enough with this. Take your time to make it. Plus can you correct my English if something is bad?
  2. I can make that
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