Banned players get unbanned!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by warg, Aug 1, 2012.

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    since two days I saw 3 players that got unbanned from our banned-players list.


    Bukkit version:
    1.2.5 R5.0

    Nobody used /unban or /pardon for those players. I checked the server.logs for it.
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    umm... not sure why, they could of used a hack, like redstonehouse and mcmyadmin

    if you ask how i know how to hack its simple, to stop hackers you need to know how they hack first.

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    anyway, make sure it was a prem ban and not a tempban.
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    It was a perm ban (tempban is bugged, time doesn't decrease). And McMyAdmin isn't installed on the server.
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    what, thats what hackers use, or they could of used force op aswell... P.S i do hate hackers and i dont hack
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    OP isn't given to anybody.
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    maybe if you spewed out less shit, youd notice he said there was nothing in server.log, nor any of this is related to redstonehouse or mcmyadmin.

    timers dont decrease? did you kill your server or server crashed? that may cause a timer freeze. paste startup log, il try get more info

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    no no no. its called force op, they do it themselfs. its a hack,
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    Yes, the timer for tempban doesn't work for me. Also I checked the Essential profile-files of the 3 users: nobody of them has a entry about a ban in the profile files.

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    essentials doesnt store ban data in user files.
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    is stored in the Essentials user files. So yes, there is an entry for ban reasons in those files.
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    the reason, yes. the ban itself, no.
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    Where is the ban stored then?
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    bukkit root banned.txt
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    I have only a banned-players.txt and a banned-ips.txt. The unbanned players aren't listed in the banned-players.txt file.
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    its either banned-players.txt or banned-ips.txt if players arent in either, they arent banned.
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    Is there a way to check if it didn't happen for sure by a plugin problem or a bukkit problem? So that I know if they were banned for sure or if my brain is bad.

    Just to make it more clearer: I also never use tempban command. Only /ban (permban).

    //edit: I found the reason for my not working tempban. I used it wrong. Ok, tempban works.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    There is no such thing as a force op hack.
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    you can lock this thread. I found that I unbanned one of them a lot of months ago (I don't remember why but I'm sure it wasn't by hacking my account, maybe a wrong decision by my staff) and the other twos aren't banned (I checked the logs of 1 year now via notepad++ multi file support).

    Case solved, no vulnerability of Bukkit or any plugin.
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    And don't tell mbaxter he's wrong, EvilSeph himself said there's no such thing.
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    Change the title of the thread to solved.
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