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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SolarStrafe, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Category: Staff

    Name: RoyalBanWave

    What I want:

    This plugin will basically execute a ton of commands every 12 hours.
    The wave: "The Wave" is an event that occurs at noon and midnight [GMT] in this plugin. It bans (x) ammount of players every wave

    How it works: When a staff member runs command A, it adds the given player name to the list. Every wave, the console will ban all of the players on the list.

    Consoles end: Every wave, the console will access the list and start executing the /ban command to all of the players on the list.

    /banw add <player> <reason> - adds a player to the list - banw.add
    Output: <player> has been added to the ban wave. They will be banned in the next wave.

    /banw remove <player> - removes a player from the list - banw.remove
    Output: <player> has been removed from the ban wave.

    /banw execute - starts a ban wave instantly - banw.execute
    Output: Banwave is starting.

    /banw off/on - disables/enables the wave - banw.toggle
    Output: Banwave disabled. All players on the list will no longer be banned.

    /banw reload - reloads the config - banw.reload
    Output: Config reloaded.

    What the console does:
    The console runs /ban <player> <reason stated in /banw ass> for every player on the list.

    Config: I don't really mind how it looks, all I ask is that you can edit the output options in the commands, with color code support.

    This file stores all of the names on the ban list. The list is cleared every wave OR when the plugin is toggled off

    When I need this: 1-3 days
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    So basically you want someone to create a plugin like Watchdogs.
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    Except he/she doesn't want anti-cheat protection built into it.
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    Ehhh, sure why not. Im bored.
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    Can you do this?
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    May i ask what is the purpose of not banning instantly?
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    Was asking myself the same question but... still bored so going to continue with it xD
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    I think the reason he would want a ban wave would be because it may be easier to just have a mass ban wave of all players on said list than having to ban the players 1 by 1 which depending on your server size could take quite awhile.

    Truthfully I have been also looking for a plugin like this aswell.
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