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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jocke155, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Administration/Tools
    Suggested name: IventoryBackup

    What i want:
    A plugin that creates a backup of the current player inventory to a file, and if the files exists replace the old backup. The name of the world the command was used in will be saved.
    I know that there are many Invbackup plugins out there, but they are outdated/and doesn't work the way i want them to.

    Ideas for commands:

    -Creates a backup of the current inventory into a file named %player%
    -The file also tells which world the command was used in, to prevent backups from a
    creative world for example. If the file exists, it will be updated with the current

    This file would be used to restore a "lost" inventory to a player, and the player can
    create a backup whenever they want.


    -Creates a request to a staff to restore a lost inventory. When the admin accepts, the current inventory
    on the player will replaced with the backup one.


    This plugin should work with multi worlds, and plugins that handles per-world inventories.
    I'm currently using Multiverse-inventories for per world inventories, but sometimes the inventories get bugged or wiped, so i want this for my player inventories safety.


    The player could place items in a chest and claim that the inventory got wiped.

    Ideas for permissions:

    inventorybackup.backup - for using the backup command
    intentorybackup.request - for creating a request
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    This sounds quite simple. I'd be happy to create the plugin.
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    Thanks :) But how do we solve the "Problem"?
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