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    Plugin category: Items

    Minecraft version: 1.16

    Suggested name:

    What I want: I’d like a backpack plugin, but I don’t want those command backpacks, I want an item that you right click. I want a crafting recipe for one too and ability to put custommodeldata tag on them for my own textures. I also need a config file for this for easier customization and editing. (Also make sure it saves items inside and saves it on reload/restarts)

    Ideas for commands: A reload command for the config file.

    Ideas for permissions: Permission for the reload command.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you’re free :D
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    This is still relevant?
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    Here is my take on the plugin, sorry forgot to post this after I made it :p

    Some features are:
    - Custom model data
    - Custom textures (Player heads)
    - Custom recipes
    - Unlimited types of backpacks (So you can have a small, large, or anything inbetween)
    - Permissions based backpacks for crafting and using.
    - Persistent Data Storage (No database needed & Nestable backpacks)
    - Full Customization possible
    - Open Source

    Custom Crafting


    Advanced Recipe List
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