Avatar powers plugin.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BotteledCacti, Jul 27, 2013.

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    The thing that everyone is playing now is Hide And Seek servers, i wanna change that.

    Im thinking Avatar.
    Its a arena, a pretty big one and when you join you teleports to a lobby and there you chooses a class.
    Each class are different, for example Earth, Fire, Water and Air.
    With Earth you throws the blocks in front of you to clear your path and Water shoots water beams or ice walls or something like that, i think you know what its all about.

    Im also thinking alot of effects like with fireworks particles etc.

    You will also be able to level up each class and buy certain perks. [cake]

    You think you can make this plugin for me?
    Add me on skype: miner.hugo

    Sorry for my english.
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    I'l try to find one

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