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    Hey, I am running multiworld on my server, and cannot find a plugin that will automatically send a message to a player when they go to a world with information, such as dos and don'ts, how to get back to spawn, etc. I'm using the iGate's plugin to manage going between worlds. If there is already a plugin that does this, please let me know, as I was unable to find one that matched my needs.

    Example of what plugin should do:

    Player goes through iGate to go from world 1 to world 2. On arriving in world 2, a message should be sent to them saying:

    "Welcome, <playername> to World 2. To return to spawn, type /spawn. To return to original world, type /warp World1"

    This is just an example, and wording can be configured by the server owner. the playername could be configurable to turn on or off for displaying in the message. If you have any questions regarding this, or are not 100% sure on what I mean, feel free to post it here so I can address it for all those looking at this request. Thank You.
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    Or Just use world guard, Make a region where the portal is in and use the flag player enter region
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    I'm trying to avoid using variable triggers, as I find it a bit too... complicated for my skill level, and world guard I have no idea how to use.
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    Try WorldMOTD. Sweet and simple.
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    thx, exactly what I was looking for.

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