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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jon_r12, Aug 14, 2014.

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    So I installed this automessage plugin and I can't access the server files and need to use it in game. There is a list of command and when I do /am add <list> <index> <message> it says The specified index does not exist. I did was /am add BC test but that shows up. I dont know what the index is.
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    Unfortunately my server is down and I cannot test what I am saying, but I'll try to help you.

    First create a list if you haven't already. /am add <list>
    Next, you'll want to edit the messages. /am edit <list> <index> <message>
    <index> is a number. Zero (0) is the first number, followed by One (1) and so on.

    Command Example:
    /am edit AdminMessages 0 Admins get free cake!

    When the message is displayed, you'll see: Admins get free cake!

    You will also need to give users/groups permissions for each list. Using the example above, a player/group's permission would be:

    If this doesn't work, say so. If you need to read the commands yourself, here's a link:
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    Thanks! But how do I make the delay. I cant use the file I need to do it it ingame. Thanks!
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    Sorry for leaving you hanging for so long. I've been busy getting my server online again.

    To set a delay use /am interval <listname> <interval>

    Now I think the interval is recorded in seconds. I set mine to 600 seconds to display a message every ten minutes.
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    Thanks! :D
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