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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TGMGamingzz1, May 19, 2014.

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    I am making a plugin which will need someone to install a resource pack for certain items. I was just wandering if it is possible to install a resource pack when you log on the server and you don't have a choice to say yes or no it just starts to install. Please can someone tell me if this is possible and how to do it. Thanks
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    No that's not possible (without client mods or whatever), sounds horribly exploitable :)

    Giving them the option is the only way- but keep in mind once they say "Yes", it's automatic after that. It doesn't spam them on every login.
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    What happenes when you delete the file from the server resource folder in your .minecraft? Do you get asked to select it again?
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    No idea, but I'd imagine so. I have noticed that it does re-download the pack on every reconnect, without asking, once you've given it permission. I'm hoping it checks for changes or something at least.
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    Well there is a server that i have been on before and i cant remember it asking me if i wanted to use the resource pack. Every time i connect it does download it again without asking and also when i just deleted the file it auto started downloading again. so i must thing that this is possible some how?
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    When this request is sent for the very first time from a given server, the client will first display a confirmation GUI to the player before proceeding with the download.
  8. TGMGamingzz1 I can't remember where it stores that you said yes for the first time but I know that you can't force a texture pack without getting permission at least once.
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    It re-downloads it on every join without asking. In the snapshots you can edit whether the server is allowed to send packs via the same interface as where you change the IP, which is nice because the current "set and you can never change it again" system is incredibly stupid.
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    I believe 1.8 allows you to package resource packs in the world's folder. Maybe just wait until then?
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