Automatic Grief Banning

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  1. This is a suggestion a player on my server posted on our forums, I think its extremely clever.
    In short hand:

    It logs the first X number of block breaks of a new player.

    If 25% of said blocks are glass or any other configurable blocks it gives them a warning.

    If around 50% are the configurable block it bans them and rollsback the changes they have made.

    Really useful to deal with most grievers, who just join and start smashing glass instantly.
  2. Hi, i would love to do this for you, but i am busy for school atm, so it could take a couple of weeks before i would have a release version, so if you don't care about time i would love to do it.
    greetz blackwolf12333
  3. Thats fine, it would be awesome if you could get it done.
  4. Ok, i'm fixing a little bug in my other plugin, but after that i'll start setting up your project:)
    greetz blackwolf12333
  5. I am so bad at guessing how much time i need:p, i am almost done already:p
    The plugin just needs some testing, which i do by myself, and then i will just give you a link here.
    If you don't mind, i will also put it on BukkitDev
    greetz blackwolf12333

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