Automated Timely Server Messages.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Spooner, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Here's the run down, at exactly 12:05 am, every night our servers' internet goes out for a second.
    I was curious if someone could make a plugin that at 12:00 am announces that the server is about to go down and not to panic, in order to reduce the number of "WTF I CRASHED!?!" moments. Not my area of expertise but it seems like it'd be a fairly simple plugin, and I'm sure that other servers could find a use for a plugin as such.
    Please and Thank You.
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    if you use linux, you can use cron and post the message through screen..
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    Wow, your users actually complain when their minecraft crashes? I'm elated if minecraft can run for an entire hour without crashing.
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    Nope, Win 7.

    Our server runs days without actually crashing and we're all in ventrilo talking and as soon as the internet blinks off they all say, "Hup, I crashed." "Hey me too." "We all crashed, what's up with the server?" "Spooner, what'd you break?".
  5. I'm making an administrative server wrapper that will allow the server admin to set up a list of server commands to run at designated time frames.

    There's still some things that needs to be finished before I release it, but it should be soon.
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    Would be nice to have something like that... Although why does it go down at 12am? ISP hiccups?
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    Thanks Uzza, that'll be awesome.

    And I honestly have no idea what's wrong with our internet, it just skips a beat and continues on, it's weird and literally last two seconds every night at exactly 12:05 am.
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    err there is a plugin called autoserverstop that runs a .jar file that runs hey0 and makes the server stop every _ hours to dump the memory, it also sends messages out to the server that it will be restarting in 10m 5m 1m so u could use that or it could be easily modified just to send the messages..
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    This would actually be useful because I have set times for testing. So if they get kicked off, then they know why.

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