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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by 123keelos, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Basically anatuo-eat and an auto-xp plugin. So lets say you have food, it will automatically eat all of themto fill up the hunger (not all just the fittig needs) andrhis goes for exp bottles

    Doesn't have to be like this but...

    /aeaxp - Help command
    /aeaxp reload - Reload command
    /aeaxp disable - Disable plugin


    aeaxp.admin - All Admin commands
    aeaxp.rl - Permission to reload command
    aeaxp.autoxp - Allow to use Auto-XP
    aeaxp.autoeat - Allow to use AutoEat
    aeaxp.player - Allow to use both

    Plugin Files


    The config should be similar

    enabled: true
    reload-msg: '&8[AEAXP&8] &a&oPlugin reloaded'
    use-perms: true #if false, allplayers will have op commands
    command: /aeaxp
    alias: /autoeatautoxp
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    Yeah, it's weird how in only 16 hours, nobody has come along, looked at your idea, decided to make it, and then posted it, right? :eek:

    Have a little patience, we all do this for free :)
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    If you're just looking for something to keep your players' hunger up, you can set the WorldGuard flags feed-amount to 20 and feed-delay to 1. This sets your hunger to 20 (full) every 1 second (I assume it's seconds, it could be ticks).
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    What if you want it to go down but you want food to insta-feed players
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    If you mean "insta-feed" as in remove the eating animation and just add to their hunger bar immediately, then FastFood might work for you. If not, there are some soup PVP type plugins that would be configurable to do this.
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    @123keelos So, do you just want something like this:

    When a player loses hunger, or picks up and item, it will search the player's inventory for food they can eat (assuming they're hungry)?

    And when they pick up an experience bottle, it'll automatically be used?
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    EXP Bottles - When one is drop, it will look for more and drop it. Like not pressing Q, by actually dropping it
    Food - When one is eaten, it will look for more food to eat to fill the hunger bar
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    if all u want is this (when someone has presed to throw a xp bottle on the ground it finds more of them in the inventory and dosnt stop untill all are used) then u can use a for loop with the ammount of bottles found in your inv and redo the event for as many of them u have this is easy so il let someone else do it :D
  10. I would like this plugin any downloads?

    Sounds awesome btw.

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    @CatzFuriousSpeed I wasn't, but I suppose I could if someone wants it and nobody wants to take it.
  12. @AdamQpzm Oh well :D I would like it a lot
    Please read all the post I would like all the ideas in the post into this plugin too
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