Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Iasonsyk, Apr 19, 2017.

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    I installed a plugin called simpleautobroadcaster.i didnt like it so i deleted it.But now every 60 '' it broaadcasts a message that says : As know as ArsenArsen1 on bukkit dev and ArsenArsen as everywhere else ;). How do I remove it and is it from that plugin or another plugin (I have Updater too,that was created by him i think).
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    can't its huge it dosen't allow it
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Iasonsyk Stop the server, start, wait 5 minutes, stop.
    Post that log
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    AdminFun does not support non-spigot server. Either ask the developer to remove the spigot chatcolor and use bukkit's chattcolor, or find another plugin.

    This plugin is outdated. Remove it and find another one.
    [/QUOTE]Same here. This is outdated and should not be used.

    Why are you not using the default Ip?

    Main problem: Hey, @ArsenArsen , maybe you can help?
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    Really hope your not a noob to servers but did you delete the file SimpleAutoBroadcaster.jar and the folder SimpleAutoBroadcaster ? Then restart the server.
    Another tip you might want to update your NCP jar and config
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    Oh hello, using my plugin I see :D
    In the config file remove the lines related to that message
    That should fix it :)
    Edit: ooh my bad, missread the question. Don't delete the folder, that will just set the message up. It is an example message
    Make sure you delete all the jars you might've uploaded related to the plugin. Sorry
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    Questions: @YoloSanta How do I update NCP (bcs it lags players many times with fast heal,survival fly and others)
    @Zombie_Striker What is that default IP and where do I change it?
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    Get it from the website on bukkit here
    Then customize the config
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