Auto-Replanting for ALL crops

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by BlueEyedPandaBear, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. @Kilorbine
    Hey how do I set an area? What do you mean by x and y coords?

    Also, can you add netherwarts and tree saplings to the list of things you can replant automatically? Thanks man! You're a huge help!!!!!

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    I will :)
    For the area, x & y are the coordinate of the left top corner of the rectangle of the area
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    @Kilorbine A block's location has x, y, and z coordinates... How are you only using 2?
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    only x and z, not y.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    He is asking how you are only using x and z, what happened with y?
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    For y it's for 0 to 256
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    @Kilorbine So it's just from the void to the sky.
  8. no no...

    this is exactly what im typing and it's not working.

    /autoreplant addarea wheat 377 253 100 100

    and then i add the "crops" plant cuz idk where "wheat" is.

    /autoreplant addplant crops

    Am I doing something wrong? It's just not working...
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    Haven't you inverse x and z?
    If you list the area, are crops in?
    I will make some test tomorrow but it works fine to me
  10. Here's a video of what's going on with me. Maybe you can watch this and see what I mean... It's just confusing to me right now why it's not working lol. I'm sure it's something little I'm misunderstanding.

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  12. didn't work...
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    @BlueEyedPandaBear Ok. Try going in the middle of the farm and doing it, because it may only work for one of the quadrants when you create the region. Then try breaking the crop in each quadrant.
  14. Still didn't work... UGH!!

    is it working for you?
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  16. 1.8
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    @BlueEyedPandaBear Do you want all defined regions to automatically replant all crops, or only ones that you define?
  18. Only the ones I define. I want certain areas to auto replant.
  19. are you editing the plugin?
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  21. Mind explaining anytime soon? Nobody understands it..
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