Auto-Replanting for ALL crops

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by BlueEyedPandaBear, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. Plugin category: Agricultural

    Suggested name: AutoReplant

    What I want: I understand there is already a plugin for replanting trees, most commonly used in prison servers, but I can't seem to find one that replants ALL crops, such as: Wheat, Cocoa Beans, etc. I would like to see a plugin that allows the server to replant a crop AS SOON AS IT IS BROKEN.

    this would work if you had it work alongside with WorldGuard.

    Ideas for commands: maybe something like "/AR wheat" would force the selected region to replant wheat once it is broken.

    Ideas for permissions: Only the admin of the server of course would be given this power, but the admin could enable it to be used for everyone by just simply changing a boolean within the config.

    When I'd like it by: Lol ASAP!

    Please help me out!!

    Thank you for reading!! :)


    I would like to add, that I really don't know how plugins are made, but this one really doesn't seem that difficult to make. If I were as smart as you guys who make plugins all the time and edit them, i would just do this on my own :p

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    I need a plugin like this too, hope you find someone that can make it!
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    This wouldn't be too hard, I'll see if I can do it.
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    I'll do this :D

    I don't quite understand what you want to exactly do with WorldGuard? @BlueEyedPandaBear

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  5. TreeAsist should do the trick i used it in a prison server i had.

  6. Yes I would love for you to make this plugin. Sorry for the late reply, as I was gone for a while.

    To answer you question about what I mean about WorldGuard though, is you would be able to set a region, and within that region, you could flag it with when a player breaks a crop, that crop is automatically replanted.

    for example, I make a region over my wheat farm, and flag it with this plugin.
    when that wheat is broken, it is auto-replanted by the plugin, so I don't have to use seeds. Just like the TreeAssist plugin, but instead of only using saplings, this uses ALL crops.

    if you have any further questions, just ask :)

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    Seems like a good idea, I'm making a hardcore server so what I could do is put random chunks of farmland across the world for people to take.

    Also the plugin can have a replant delay, cuz I mean if there isn't it's just non-stop food ya know? Maybe a configurable delay would be a nice to have.

    I personally can create plugins but I'm really new at it and I don't think i'd make something even like this :p

  8. it wouldn't be non stop food. You can't get food from seeds. and if you break it too soon, that's all you'll get.

    well except for potatoes, and carrots... Hmm... maybe if it broke before it was fully grown, they wouldn't get anything? That'd be better... Good point..
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    See the way I'm picturing it is that when someone breaks a fully grown carrot crop, the fully grown carrot crop just comes back again without going through any stages, that's what I'm assuming might happen.

    For this plugin what I'd want is for it to actually fully regrow the crop to the final state, but just have a delay after the crop is broken at first.

  10. I don't see the delay to be nessasary, but like you said it should be an option I guess. but for sure the carrot thing. that'd be and issue...
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    I want a delay for the way I put it, I said the crop when broken would come back as the last stage. Basically if there was no delay it'd work like this .. Player breaks carrot crop, gets carrot, carrot crop appears, gets carrot, and constant
  12. So you want a delay for when the crop appears again? or till they can break it..
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    Till it appears again.
  14. Hmmm.. I guess that's not a bad idea..

    but make the delay editable obviously.. so you can change how long :)
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  16. WOW! This is EXACTLY what I was wanting! I really appreciate the motivation you have!

    But yes, I would like to specify the region I want this to happen in. It don't want it to happen everywhere in the world, just in a specified region.

    Thank you again!
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    @BlueEyedPandaBear : for the region, I can make it with
    • chunck : you can set a chunck and it's availlable in all the chunck
    • the position : you set a rectangle where it can be done
    Which one do you want?
  18. the position

    Can you make it to where with any crop, it doesn't drop anything, until it's at the final stage of growth?

    Good work btw, I just saw your latest release of 1.0 :)
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    I think i can.
    I'm gonna make a try !
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    I haave look how to do this, and I know how, but i haven't made yet
  21. okay cool
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