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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Fyyji, Apr 13, 2022.

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    Just a side-note, this plugin may be a bit over the top

    Plugin name: Auto-prison cells

    Bukkit/spigot/paper version: latest 1.8 build


    Dependencies: Valut, (maybe) plotsquared and worldedit.

    The aim for this plugin is for players to be able to execute a command and generate a prison cell for in which they can place blocks and destroy the blocks they place. The plugin is intended for a prison server. I was thinking that maybe the cells could be generated by using schematics and or plot squared. And for a player to make a cell it would cost them a certain amount of money.

    If I was to summarise how the plugin would work, it should function as most skyblock plugins, allowing players to generate a cell that’s for them specifically and that others cannot edit or build in unless given permission by the player.

    Players shouldn’t be able to break any parts of the cell schematic, but should be able to build inside of it.

    Player commands:

    · /cell(s) – opens a gui presenting players options for their cell, and if they don’t have one, to make (or buy) a cell.

    o The options in the GUI should be for adding a friend, removing a friend, opening the cell (so other players can go in it), closing the cell (so it’s locked off from other players) and finally to teleport to their cell.

    o When a friend is added to a cell they should be able to edit what’s in the cell too.

    · /cell(s) tp <player name> - allows other players to tp to that cell if the player has enabled allowed for other players to tp to it.

    · /cells help – shows the player all the player commands available to them

    Admin commands:

    · /adcell create/delete <player name> - creates/deletes a cell for a player.

    · /adcell reload – reloads the plugin

    · /adcell setspawn – sets where the player should spawn in the cell

    · /adcell setcell <schematic name> – sets the cell schematic that should be used.


    As for the permissions I’m not too sure what they should be. I’m really leaving that to whoever takes this plugin up.

    Final note:

    Thanks in advance for whoever codes this for me! I’ve looked online loads and all the cell plugins available are costly and does the same thing I could do with areashop :).

    I found this old post on the spigot forums detailing how a plugin like this would work pretty well.
    Anyway, thanks in advance again!
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    So a couple of things:

    1. Where are the plots placed?
    2. Should there be a separate option for allowing friends permission to change your plot, or can any friend do it? (okay nvm on this I just didn't read).
    3. Is it 1 plot per person or is there a maximum?
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    It should be 1 person per plot and I think a seperate world for plots would probably work right?
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