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  1. I am making a server based around Pirates. It'll consist of three owner-made nations, that are against each other. I was wondering is it possible to have a plugin that has clickable signs that can allow new players to pick a nation before they join a town. I am new to plugins so detailed advice would be much appreciated. Also wondering if there is a plugin that allows chests to be 'raided' by people and spawns gold in them every few hours or so.
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    What you've stated does sound pretty cool. My suggestion is that you edit your post so that it shows more of what you want to be featured in the plugin. It seems that it would be quite a project for someone so the first step would be to plan out things like commands, permissions, and the mechanics. Following this guide can help you think of most of it.
  3. Plugin category: towny

    Suggested name: Loyalty

    What I want: I'd like a plugin which allowed new people to join a Nation as though they're a team before they join a town. If they join a nation for example called A they cannot get invites from towns called B and C and vice versa.

    Ideas for commands: Perhaps the sign could go,

    first line [Join]
    2nd line [ <name of nation>]
    [maybe a give eco amount of money TO the player for joining in $]
    4th line [ Charges them if they want to switch nations, left blank the first time will charge them nothing]

    Ideas for permissions: I want everyone to be able to click these signs but not be able to place them, only OP.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Okay cool, will try making.

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  5. Thank you Mohammadtr!

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