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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Smex, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I am currently working on a project together with a friend, the problem is,
    he made the BukkitDev page and I can not change/write any page,
    even if he defined me as an Author&Documenter, is there something we are missing?

    Also if I go to "Pages", there is no way to create a new one or on the main site, there
    is not "Edit description" option for me.

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    Try the manager role.
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    It won't work, he couldnt give me "manager", all he could give me was:
    • Author
    • Maintainer
    • Documenter
    • Artist
    What is this?
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    this is BukkitDev, the extremely large shit spray painted gold. with love, from Curse, of course.
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    I mean there is a lot wrong with BukkitDev but when not even the new features works,
    what is than the goal having a new Bukkit related page, which is just so hard to work with?
    Everytime when I start a server mod page, it just feels like they don't want me to make one
    and have extra a really bad editor. I hope they rework this whole stuff, it just doesn't seem to be worked out, at all.

    Also, I noticed that some of my server plugins got suspended or are still available but not on my "server mod" list on my profil, this site is just so weird.
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    the main problem with BukkitDev is that they piled on features on top of features before a solid base was established.
    the other problem is that it isn't specifically made for Bukkit, it's a reskinned version of CurseForge.
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    Never mind, Im a complety retard. I have two accounts, XemsDoom & the fuck did that happen....-.-
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