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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by JamesShadowman, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Original Post:
    This one is Simplified:
    I'm Copy And Pasting this, because I coded the important part of the Plugin that Logs you into the Server ID. I need a Plugin Writer to make the Plugin that will check the users via a URL which I will discuss in a second. The Plugin will protect Hamachi Servers, and Premium Accounts. It will also allow you to set certain players to NOT be Exempt.
    Here is what my tool does - It logs you into the ServerID, using a Premium Account, and changes the Output of the Website URL to YES. It does all the logging in to the ServerID and stuff, protecting the server. I simplified this a lot. It has more features, but.... XD
    Here is what the Plugin does -
    - Creates Config to Set ServerID AND what Players that are Exempt from being checked.It checks the player with this URL:<username>&serverId=<server ID set in Config>
    - Umm, that's it. When a Player is not on the Config to be exempt, they are checked by that URL. The URL will say NO if they did not login to the ServerID with my tool (requires Premium Account), and if it says YES it will allow them in. This will protect Offline Mode Server Players without using a Database, or any thing that will really conflict.
    NOW For My Client Tools that will log you into the ServerID
    To Use: Extract the Files from the ZIP, and Click on the Auth Program.exe (This was scripted in Batch). This will ask you for your Username, Password, And Server ID (Set in the Config by the Server Admin, All Numbers), and will send them to
    There is also an Auto-Login Config thing that will appear, and you can set it to Automatically Log you into your account.
    This is a bit complicated because it requires you to type in a String of Numbers after your Username, but Security is worth it.
    It will Log you into the Server ID.
    Here is the ZIP:
    To Use: Launch it in Command Prompt with ./ <Username> <Password> <Server ID>
    Remember, the ID (All Numbers) is set by the Server Admin in the Config.
    This is pretty easy, and self-explanatory. These will allow you to Login to the ServerID.
    Here is the Shell Script:
    - Create a Config that will Allow you to set the Server ID, and set which Users are not checked by the Plugin
    - Have the Plugin Check this URL to see if it says YES or NO, if YES it is a Premium Account, if no, It isn't. "<username player is>&serverId=<server ID that is set in Config>"
    And The Admins have to do this:
    - Tell their users to download the Programs I coded to Log into the ServerID with Premium Accounts.

    Bump. Guys, the Server Plugin won't be hard to make, it just needs to send a HTTP Request to that URL, and have a Config to Decide who isn't checked by the URL, and.... choose the Server ID it checks with :|
    I created the part of the client that makes it work, and easy for the Plugin Maker.

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