Attempted to place a tile entity where there was no entity tile!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Daniel Few, May 29, 2011.

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    The annoying can't keep up message.....with 3 people online on an overspec'd system that doesnt lag with 64 players. Blah.
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    Yeah same. The most I've had online at one time is 17 so far but still it does it with as little as 3 or 4 online even if they are all afk. lol. Max slots set to 80 with 7GB RAM allocated to CB. It never at any time uses anywhere near this amount.
    It was fine on the last CB build (Currently on CB1240) :(
    I wanted to try the latest build 1337 but things went very bad as soon as I updated everything so now back to 1240 :p
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    08:05:24 [INFO] Attempted to place a tile entity (net.minecraft.server.TileEntityFurnace@264e0a02) at 5,41,10 (AIR) where there was no entity tile!

    Still happening on rb 1337
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    I believe I have found the trigger for this error. I had my console open behind my game window. Whenever I placed something inside a furnace the TileEntityFurnace error would occur.
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    Will check this out myself. :D
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    I disagree, it is also furnace related. Whenever the I make a furnace active with smelting, it will give me that error. the (STONE) tells me where the furnce is placed above.
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    I've gotten this error with (LEAVES)....someone has a furnace in a tree on my server? haha.

    Get Worldguard and do suppress-tick-sync-warnings: true in config.yml. It will mute the "can't keep up" messages in your server console.

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    Thanks for that. I had never seen it on my home server only on the hosts so it sorta confused me :D
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    Is this back for anyone else in 1.5?
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    why the heck was it needed to bump a 2 years old thread just for that?
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    Why do you have this irrational notion that necroposting is bad, when it is in fact, good?
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