Attack speed limiter for [1.8.8]

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by tiradorus, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Hi all
    I'm here because i need a plugin for Minecraft 1.8.8:

    This plugin will limit the 'players attack speed', exactly as this plugin: LoresAttributesRevival

    The problem is that plugin affect many other lores like Health, Damage etc, that broke my configuration.
    I only need the 'AttackSpeed limiter'
    There are no existing plugins except LAR for the AttackSpeed on MC 1.8.8, and i really really need one.

    I don't need to limit damage taken, or modify damage taken by entity, just the speed of 'damage dealt'

    I'm not a developper, but i need something like that:

    'If cooldown (time) between each attack isn't over, then the player can't attack'

    --------------------------------------------------Little Plus-----------------------------------------
    If in the config, you can add something like 'base delay between each attack : {number}'
    And a lore that can add or remove some attack speed, it could be really great :D

    Thank you for reading =)
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    I am starting on the plugin right now, I will tell you when I am finished. For now I will just name the plugin "AttackSpeedLimiter" but if you would like it named something else just let me know.
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