At what TPS does a server feel laggy?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Obliviator, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Running my server, and it stays around 20tps (Using LagMeter), and dips to 19.3 every so often.
    I dont think my users feel any lag, and I was thinking of expanding.

    At what TPS does he lag become noticable?
    (TPS Meaning Ticks per Second)

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    An user experiences a lag or "slowdown" if the delay between his input and the expected output exceeds 80 milliseconds. The minecraft server is a 20-tick server which means, the theoretical delay between user input and server output is 0 to 50 ms under perfect conditions.
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    Didnt answer the question, but okay...
    Thanks for basic internet knowledge.
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    to answer your question, assuming users have perfect machines and near 0 latency , a TPS of around 13 is redlining it.

    Lag is a very subjective thing with a whole slew of causes.
    basic summery of lag comes in 3 flavors :
    Client lag(the users machine is underperforming)
    NetworkLag (the internet rout between Client and server is conjested)
    Serverlag(TPS/Memory issues etc)
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    Nathan C

    TPS is in no way related to latency -_________-

    I would say at 18 they start to feel the lag.
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    Yeah I start to worry when it dips down below 17.

    Going down to 19.3 is pretty normal especially when players are joining/leaving.
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    not entirely true. TPS does not affect network latency, but it is one factor in the "lag" or perceived latency, which is what the OP is asking about.

    From my experience, anything below 19 is going to be perceived by some players, depending upon what kind of activity they are engaging in. Anything below 17 is going to be noticed by all players.
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    Cool, Thanks guys :)
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    At around 300 players my server is consistently at around 5 tps on an 2700k 4.5 ghz, so anything above that is good LOL.
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    If you as a Minecraft player can tell whether the server is running at 20 or 18 ticks at any given moment, you'd surely be up for the Nobel Prize in computer gaming.

    Just because one of your players says "zomg da laaaag" while your lag meter or whatnot shows 18.5 instead of 20 in that moment doesn't mean that correlation equals causation.

    Lag in Minecraft comes in so many flavors, it's impossible to simply tack it on the ticks per second.
    FnordianLoop's number of 13 (say, below 15) tps makes more sense as an answer here, because around those values pretty much every player online will experience noticeable block lag.
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