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    So I have gotten really into terraforming lately with VoxelSniper and other tools. I thought about this plugin a while ago and decided here was a good place to post it. So what asthetics does is simple. It allows adding of decorative blocks to your world easy.

    So for instance lets say you want to make a wheat field like the one in this picture:

    Well instead of going through the hassle of coming up with some world edit command you could just type something like.

    /ast wheatfield r 10

    This would give you a stick or something. And when you right click with the item you it overlays the existing grass with tilled dirt and on top wheat .

    Another feature would be the lakes brush which is pretty much the same but a tad different.

    /ast lake r 5-10

    you can set perimeters for this so that all the ponds or lakes are not the same size. What it would do is create a pond in between those two sizes or what you enter. It wouldn't be a perfect circle. It would place a layer of sand and then put water and the shapes would be uneven like minecraft ponds but they would go an average of 3 blocks deep into the ground.

    So this is my idea if anyone is willing to make this plugin that would be so great.

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