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    Suggested name: Assassin

    What I want:
    There aren't any updated assassin plugins and the ones that exist either do way too much or not enough.
    This plugin would add...

    Backstab- critical damage on sneaking and hitting with sword from behind
    Grapple- use a custom arrow to reach high or far distances (diamond above an arrow)
    Climber- ability to climb up wall with right click and then hold to the wall with sneak (max height of 8)
    Throwing Knife- right click with ghast tear and if it hits an unarmored person its an instant kill (cooldown 15 mins)
    Feather Falling- if you sneak after jumping (30 block jump max) you receive no damage
    Headshot- with a bow, a headshot does more damage
    Hide- when sneaking name tag is not displayed

    Ideas for commands:
    None needed.

    Ideas for permissions:
    - as.backstab
    - as.grapple
    - as.climber
    - as.throwingknife
    - as.featherfalling
    - as.headshot
    - as.hide
    When I'd like it by:
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  2. If you are willing to wait 2-3 months i should be able to do this. Please wait and I'll try, it sounds like a really cool idea.
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    Yes, I have school starting up, along with sports so I'll be fairly busy myself. I also can't launch my server till "Factions 4.0" is done, and the maker said 2 months eta for that one. Thank you!
  4. Your very welcome, I'm working on a few things right now but you should have the plugin by March next year. Hope you can wait that long!
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    No, that's fine. Thank you so much!
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    Just in case someone can make this sooner, perhaps.
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    There are no minigames on the server to work on, but thank you for asking to help.

    I'd still like to see if anyone could possibly have this put together before march, maybe.
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    I suppose I could do this for you..
    I'll see if my interest picks up at all
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    Alright, thank you.
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