Asking someone to help make a plugin, See thread for more please.

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    For my server, You do jobs to rank up, And once they get the money they do /rankup crafter, Which unlocks new areas. Also a plugin that allows only lets say knight plus go into? If you need more explanation or tell me that this exists and needs updating, If you can get these two I need some staff for my server, Which is light RP Medieval PVP, Good vs nether vs end, And I need a lord for one of those so please give me some help. Thanks mates,

    itrickinhd is my skype.

    No awnsers?


    The person who helps with this plugin will be promoted to staff, and will be a co-leader of either End, Nether, Or Minecrftia faction. Thank you!

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    You need to be more specific, I don't understand what you need at the moment.
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    i got nothing from that explanation
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    Hehe, Here-
    Okay, We are redesigning my server, We need a plugin that we cannont find so we need someone who can make a plugin. We need it to do something like /rankup *Rank* with permissions ex so when they have enough money they do /rankup citizen within there faction which allows them to access new areas which is the second part people can only go into certain areas.
    To be clear,
    - Need to be able to do /rankup &Rank& when they have a certain amount of money,
    - Need to be able to make areas only available to certain ranks *Don't know if there's away we can do this*

    What you will get?
    Well the person who owns the server atm can't pay for it, But certainly you will be promised a staff rank, Co-Owner of one of our factions, (End, Nether, Or minecrafta* Also help design the sever and get to share your opinion on the matters and special prefix/Suffix.

    About our server if your wondering about the co-owner of the faction not the server, Its Light RP/PVP medieval style were you join either END, NETHER, OR MINECRAFTA and you do jobs to earn money and eventually rank you when you have certain about of money which were the plugins above come in. Its 24/7 once we get it done, You will however if you make the plugin/help us find it be on making the nether/end/minecrafta bases and get a rank that is only avaible via donations.

    Feel free to add me on skype, itrickinhd
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