Ask Yourself, Has It Already Been Made?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Tolerance, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Tofu FUNgus

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    Added some of them. :D Ill keep adding more as time flies.
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    Don't forget the "godmode" plugins - nice list Tolerance :)
  6. Thank you! Will be good to link to :)
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    obviously, the search funcion in is not working very well (try searching for PEX, you get a dozen 'halp me plox' threads before hitting the actual plugin page).

    So I think this list might come in handy in some cases, but it will be difficult to categorise them all (for example Essentials and Commandbook both have homes and warps build in...)

    If this is being maintaint well it might be usefull as a sticky.
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    I'll be adding an economy plugin to this list shortly. *evil face*
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    The only reason people are making dups of plugins is becuase people have ran out of ideas. I think of insted of making new plugins, people need to continue Old Inactive plugins
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    i am currently working on a plugin that will toggle your game mode when you place a tnt block.



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    Added most of them, any others that are commonly uploaded?
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    there was a rash of enderman blocking plugins but i just checked and it seems there are only 5 or so...
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    Plz... Can i haz the List of Region Protection plugins
  17. Just waiting for someone to copy my plugin, it will happen as they always do
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    Don't forget the "do it all" kits.

    etc etc etc
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    Deleted user

    EDIT: Deleted all the stuff in here, useless rage. >.>
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    Are you really taking offense because you're plugin(s) is on here? That's not a bad thing.
    Okay, that's still an updated plugin! The only reason I posted 4 or 5 was to get my point across that there are lots of these plugins. Even if there's one updated plugin, you don't need to upload another unless it has different features.

    It takes long for me to link every post with the topic. I really don't want to spend more time removing them.

    Already about 3 or 4 developers have had there plugins on here. (1 including codename_B) You're the only one getting frustrated about it. I hear you talking about how bad you want to become a Moderator, that post was extremely unnecessary.

    Are you trying to scare me, make me feel bad, or share your point across? You can express your opinion but that sentence was pointless, and just made me laugh. Bolding the outdated and posting "HMM" in CAPS LOCK to give me the "heeby-jeebies." That's great!
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    Deleted user

    Sorry about the rage xD. No, it is a bad thing. One of the people who used my plugin told me to take it down because most of it's stuff has already been made. He gave me a link to this page.... yeah.
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    We should add censor and exporb to our plugin, so we can be in every of these lists. ;)
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    No, no, no. That's not what I meant.... at all. I just posted somebody's plugin because I wanted other people to know that it had been done. Not that it's been overused. Definitely do NOT take a plugin down because it's listed, it's a good thing being listed.

    Hope it's all good!

    :D I think I am forgetting Essentials in some of the categories. I know Essentials has:

    I'll get to adding them :D
    Is there any else I am forgetting that Essentials supports?
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    Deleted user

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    We have warps, gamemode changer and a very basic alert system for blocks, that logs to console.
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    This is not a bump, just a reminder. :]

    And WTF!!! Looking back 'essentialsteam' commented on my thread!!! :)

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    Well if the generator for Bukkit wasn't nearly as lag prone I would make a few of those. And you didn't list the RPG plugins...
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