Arkhalis Factions (Or any other name with 'Factions' in it)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PrussicAcid, Apr 30, 2023.

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    Plugin category: Factions + Economy

    Minecraft version: Preferrably 1.19.4+

    Suggested name: Arkhalis Factions

    What I want: What I am looking for is a Factions system akin to that of "Factions", with ranks, territory, diplomacy, and war, except adding a robust currency and economy system. This economy system will be controlled by the leaders and treasurers of a faction and will be based on items like diamonds, netherite, iron nuggets, etc. that have been chosen by the faction with names like [faction]coin and [faction] [historical money]. These items will be unusable in crafting and will be "mintable" by the faction higher-ups and kept in banks and wallets. Anyone can hold any currency in their wallet, but banks will only be able to use their faction's currency and the server universal currency. Each player can exchange their currencies for goods with a server controlled faction or (later on in a faction's life cycle) their faction and it's allies, and hold their currency as both items and a variable in your wallet. This will allow the server to simulate many real economies and will add an extra layer to the abilities that a player can use.

    What would be cool: If possible, I would also request that any developers that may work on this add a functionality like dynmap but exclusive to your factions territory, this dynmap knock-off would allow faction higher-ups to have an RTS like view of their faction and enable them to buy and trade goods, build structures, and mint/destroy that faction's currencies. With additional abilities integrated into this functionality being up to the discretion of the potential developers, go wild.

    Ideas for commands: /af facmap /af wallet /af faction create/claim/unclaim/invite etc.

    Ideas for permissions: player.factiongeneral player.factioneconomy player.factiontrade etc.

    When I'd like it by: Does not matter, though preferrably within 2 years (which is when I expect my server to breath it's last breath)
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