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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by justneed1axe, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Hi! I have a functioning rental areashop and it lets me rent it but it also lets me extend my rental infinitely which I did not allow to be done in my default.yml.

      # The default price of a rental region.
      price: 1000
      # The default duration of a rental region, you can find all time indicators in config.yml below the RENTING header.
      duration: '7 day'
      # The percentage of the rent price you get back if you unrent the region (price of time left will be multiplied by this/100).
      moneyBack: 75
      # Maximum number of extends a player can do (-1 for infinite, 0 for no extending), if they are at this number then
      # they are force to let their rent run out (and can rent it again at that point).
      maxExtends: 0
      # The Maximum time they can have the region rented in advance (use times like '1 day' etc, or 'unlimited' for no limit).
      # This can prevent players from renting their region for a year, and to ensure they periodically have to extend their rent.
      maxRentTime: '7 day'
      # Automatically unrent the region after the specified time between the last login time of the renter and the current time.
      # Use times like '1 day' etc, or 'disabled' for never.
      inactiveTimeUntilUnrent: 'disabled'
      # If a region of a player has less then this time left when he joins the server he will get a notice about his region.
      # Use '' to disable.
      warningOnLoginTime: '1 day'
      # If renting the region would go above 'maxRentTIme', then extend to the maximum instead of cancelling the rent.
      extendToFullWhenAboveMaxRentTime: true
      ##### Run commands a certain time before expiration of a region.
      # Time identifiers specify how much time before the rent is over the commands should be executed.
      # These commands are executed in a 'best effort' manner, if your server is offline when it should trigger then it won't run.
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    Author of AreaShop here, make sure you are not OP or have the '*' or 'areashop.*' permission, there is a permission that allows you to extend the region at all times that is given to OPs by default (so in that case maxExtends and maxRentTime are ignored).

    If that does not explain your problem, please create an issue on Github or provide your plugin versions and a download of your '/plugins/AreaShop' folder here in this thread.
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    Ah thanks! Glad to know a plugin author helps people out! It worked
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    Next time please send me a message on the plugin thread or on Github, I only saw this randomly and cannot guarantee that I see all threads about AreaShop :)
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