Are you ok? (Gives hope to afk players dying)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Need_Not, Aug 31, 2019.

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    Name: are you ok?

    Version: 1.13.2

    What does it do?: If a player is afk and they die it can be hard for other players to know if they are afk and need help or they are just fine!

    So if I die, a msg in chat will ask if I am ok and I have to click the msg to confirm. But if I am afk and I don't click the msg within 15 sec a msg will be broadcasted to all the players saying the player is afk and they died please help them.

    Also make it so players on discord SVR can see the broadcast msg too just in case no one is online

    There should be 3 configurable things
    1. The msg when you die (made sure color codes work)
    2. The timer
    3. The broadcast msg

    And also some variables like {player}, {confirm} (you place this in the chat msg and it will display as the button),
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    1. I haven't worked around much with the names, but i don't think plugins can have spaces (and maybe '?') in their names.
    2. Players can't press the message in the chat if they are dead.
    3. I'm curious as to why you would want people to help AFK players.
    I don't really make plugins anymore, so i'm probably not gonna try this. (Just to confirm whether or not i'm gonna try this)
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    1. Oh yeah I forgot
    2. Well if they aren't afk they hit respawn and they are it doesn't matter
    Sometimes players will afk for a few min or if they are lagging
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    Bump plz this would mean a lot to us
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