Are these specs OK for a 300 person server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tocheeba, Dec 3, 2012.

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    So... you make a habit of recoding your dll files to run minecraft? Seriously, I'm interested to hear what you apparently recode in C++ to make your windows run better.
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    My server has comparable specs except for the upload speed.
    Intel i7 3770 (3.4ghz w/ turbo to 3.9ghz)
    4x4gb of ram
    120gb vertex 3 SSD

    The most I ever had on was 40 players at once and there was no lag however I would put the ideal limit around 100 players on my system because I don't limit the minecraft experience, theres 4 worlds 2 of them are normal, 1 creative, and 1 nether. I don't limit Tnt, redstone, pistons, etc.

    Most of the huge servers don't have perfect Ticks per second (TPS), its usually like 15 with that many people on. I myself would ask if 300 people would actually be on at one time, since the answer is probably no your specs should be fine .
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    Thanks guys :)

    Milky - I would love to not limit people either, but it's a creative contest where griefing could ruin the game for everyone - especially since we're giving away big prizes such as a laptop, AMEX gift cards, etc. I doubt 300 would ever be on at once, which is why I'm guessing at the very worst 150 - but in reality I'm guessing 80 or fewer would be on. I just want to be somewhat prepared for an initial rush once I open the server up.
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    Hmmmm, do you know how to disable start up scripts that are hard coded and dont have a installer to do so? Well that takes C++. You're really arrogant. I was just giving my two sense, but you come in an want to start an argument.
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    I've already highlighted the issues with Essentials and justified my reasoning.
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    Everything windows starts up can be changed with registry entries, or through knowledge of the config. C++ is not a script editor anyways, it's a programming language.

    You haven't got a clue. I doubt you even know where these "hard coded scripts" are (ignoring the oxymoron of the term), let alone how to decompile a DLL and change them... then compile it again.
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    I think you'll be okay, In my opinion.
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    you didnt highlighted any issues, ever.
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    and, as hobbit said, this has completely no effect on the server, also seeing as /timings reports show that essentials uses less than many other frequently used plugins. do /timing yourself on essentials, see for yourself.
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    Agreed. I honestly haven't used it for a while, since I found some issues with it when I used it. It might well be a lot better than it was back then, but I have the bad habit of sticking to first impressions.
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    well, you are saying essentials uses a lot of resources, then you give an example of something that has absolutely no visible impact, especially compared to other plugins.
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    Im honestly not going to sit here and argue with you....I know what im talking about, you can change the way an operating system runs from the computer's hard code AKA binary coding, without changing the C++. This will be my last reply, if you wish to reply and make yourself feel more superior, be my guest. If you dont care to listen to what i have to say, then i dont care to argue.
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    I've always wanted to do something like this. Lower the view distance if you get any issues, but with mobs etc disabled and a flat world as you have you should do just fine.

    Essentials is of far better quality than most plugins on BukkitDev, please lets not start this.
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    I'm trying to see what you are actually saying, actually... AKA asking what exactly you think you change. "I modify the binary files with c++" is almost laughable to other programmers. I was just curious to see what you change.

    But I won't ask again, it's obvious you are throwing around terms you think are related and do not know enough to back them up.
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