Are there any mod makers like MCreator but for Craftbukkit or Spigot?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by kirbsrob, Oct 26, 2020.

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    I have had many plugin ideas that I think would improve the Multiplayer community, but sometimes it can be hard to convince people to make your plugin; and if someone is convinced to make it, the product might be different from what you had envisioned and you want to change it slightly.

    I want to make plugins really badly but I have a hard time being engaged when watching Java or Minecraft Plugin tutorials. Perhaps there was a plugin engine that could let you make simple plugins that work without knowing how to code, and I would then be motivated to learn Java once I move on to more advanced projects.

    Are there any such plugin makers around, at least for 1.12.2?

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    Skript? There's still some "programming" involved but it's much easier.
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    @kirbsrob Don't start with making a plugin, to learn java you have to start with the basics. Try to make a simple program that lets say draws a house on a screen with the sky in the background changing from night to day when you click. Then move on to experiments like playing with random code (try making every pixel on the screen turn a random color like TV static) and afterwards I recommend learning what java objects are and classes. Then make something simple like rain falling from the top of the screen using a arraylist to cycle them (this teaches you what arraylists are and how to use objects). When you've done all that I recommend making a simple game like a cube as your player and you dodge other cubes with levels and waves that get harder and then a boss. Very basic game and try your best not to steal code, then try to make plugins and everything just makes sense when you have a basic understanding of java. It's not that you have a hard time being engaged to tutorials, it's just most tutorials are advanced coders that expect you to already have a basic understanding and they don't explain anything. I didn't understand tutorials at all and then took a class that taught baby steps like drawing the house and random code but then after that you use google to go a step further and continue to step forward.
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    i have a better idea:

    1. Learn java.

    2. Then learn how to make plugins.

    3. Then make one plugin yourself. (For example uhhh custom chat is a good start right?)

    4. Then make a plugin maker for yourself.

    5. Then with the plugin maker you have made, make more plugins

    6 Profit.

    7. Repeat step 5, 6 and 7

    (The 6th and 7th are a joke, or were they...)
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @kirbsrob The issue with those <insert thing here> makers is that they are not able to go very specific most of the time.
    So if you want something special then the maker needs to be modified or you need to write actual code.

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