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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: ArcheryGames

    What I want:
    A plugin for Archery, I have searched and all I have found were plugins for making bows more useful. What I want is a plugin where you can set a block so when it is hit by an arrow, it gives you a point amount, and from that, win a prize.

    When an arrow hits a block, it will tell you how many points you got out of points needed ,"You scored 2 Points out of 30!" When you reach the total points, it will tell you "You have reached the limit! Enjoy your prize!" And it will give you said prize.

    And, it could be activated via sign for convenience.

    Also, for safety, bows cannot damage animals/mobs/players until the time runs out or the point limit is reached.

    Sign Setup>
    Line 1: [AG]
    Line 2: [Price]
    Line 3: [Amount of points needed to win]P:[Time Limit]
    Line 4: [Prize]

    4 Gold

    (For economy, could it hook into SimpleGold? A lot of people don't support it and I love using it in my RPG server.)

    Ideas for commands:
    Alias > /AG
    /ArcheryGames Create <name> <value> -> Makes the block you're looking at an Archery Block.
    /ArcheryGames Select <name> -> Selects this target for making signs or editing.
    /ArcheryGames Edit <name> <value> -> Edits the points given.

    Value > Sets the point value. Hitting this block will give X amount of points.
    Name > Names the target so signs can be linked to it.

    Ex: /ArcheryGames Create Target1 2Points
    Ex: /ArcheryGames Select Target1

    When selecting a Target, all signs created will be linked for that target until you select a new target.

    Ideas for permissions:
    archerygames.archery > Allows you to use the plugin.
    archerygames.create > Allows making of Archery Blocks and Signs.

    When I'd like it by: Soon Please? :)

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