Archers (by 1337 & TechGuard)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Taemera, Apr 16, 2011.

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    I think it did, might have just been hoping it did so i thought it had but im quiet sure it did
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    Can you try again? Because it doesn't work for me ;p
  3. 1337 and I, will release the plugin we are working on soon. We only need to create some more config files :)

    Also, I got the arrow speed working :D
    I tried it, and you can shoot more exact :)
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    I would love fire arrows.

    When you're done, please link me to this release thread. Looking forward to the release. Been watching for awhile now.

    I think you should be less demanding and appreciate what they're doing right now. I've no experience and know nothing about coding and whatever else is necessary to create plugins, so I have to rely on the devs to help me out. If you ask for too much, they won't want to do anything for you!

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    To: 1337 and Techguard,

    I don't know where else to put this - I've tried requesting this but to no avail;

    I really need a specific mod to get support for Permissions. The mod is a command disabler, something which would be more than useful in my free server to prevent grief. At the moment, the developer, Plague, will only create it for OP or non-op - however, this is far too restricting for my server.

    If it is possible, could either of you add Permissions support for this? It would be one of the most useful tools imaginable on any server. If needed, I can ask the Author to make sure it's ok.

    ..if it is not too much trouble!

    Thanks. Looking forward to your arrow plugin :)
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    i could but i will have to ask plague if it is all right with him first :) By permissions do you mean so only certain people get commands blocked?

    The list off arrows we currently have can be found in the README here : :)

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    Cant wait for this :3
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    Heh-rem, correction, I asked for less! I asked for a lightweight plugin with 2 features + permissions, please don't come here and judge that fast, read the whole thread.
    The requested plugin is the early version of the plugin they are making now, so think before you judge, mister.

    The plugin that the developers are making is not even close to the requested plugin, so you should not whine about me, but whine about them for talking off-topic.

    PS: The fire arrows were added a long, long time ago, in both my requested plugin (by 1337) and in the current plugin (by TechGuard & 1337).
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    I can ask him right away :) - and yes, I mean sets say you have 4 groups - basic, advanced, expert and Boss - and you want basic and advanced to have blocked commands, and expert and boss to use the commands.

    I'll let you know if i get the thumbs up - it doesn't have to be a public mod, but there are no command disablers except for Plague's, and certainly none that come with permissions support.
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    Just changed the thread's title, so this is now the place where you can discuss the plugin Archers.
    I've made a new thread where I requested the old, lightweight plugin.
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    Sorry for highjacking your thread >_>
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    Taemera use archers it will do what you need
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    Any alpha versions I can test? I know, I have to wait, but ITS HARD!!!

    Pressing F5 every 10 minutes on thsi thread and on plugin releases forum :(
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    Excuse me, but I read the whole thread before I commented. I saw that they were originally making a simple plugin for you, but then got involved with something else to make it better! Why not wait for that?
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    tha d0ctor

    hey 1337 do you think you could include a grappling hook feature that teleports you to the location where an arrow lands if you have string in your inventory?
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    Also, the work you guys are doing is awesome, **hopefully** we wont have to carry a bow for each different type of arrow (commands to switch between the type would be awesome for that) and **hopefully** each arrow type has its own permissions so different arrows can be given to different groups
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    Hi again! Sorry to disturb you - would it be okay with you if another member were to use your command disabler, and add permissions support?

    It doesn't have to be a release, just asking you if he can use the code to help me out with my server ! :)

    1. [​IMG]

      Of course he can. He can even release it, just use another name for it so there is no support problem then.​

    and yes - I mean so only certain people/groups have the commands blocked.

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    I support this all the way.
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    Ok ill begin coding that

    I was just about to add that :)

    A bow for each im affraid, but you can use one bow and switch beetween them,look at techguard video a few pages back

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    Can I has the downlaod link?
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    The plugin is not finished yet so no
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    I have a idea. Multiple arrow shooting. As roobin hood on those wold movies. 3 arrow on the same bow would be great.
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    lol tech added that 2 days ago, 3 arrows
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    U guys are torturing me.
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    What about the zeus arrow? lightning tnt and fire all at once :) added that last weekend
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    See... its all done already. realease it!

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    tha d0ctor

    what about a freeze arrow, it surrounds whatever entity it hits with ICE

    but then it would need edited ICE drops so water doesnt appear because players would flood the world everytime they break out

    and to go along with the grapling hook you could create a type of mechanism like scorpion in mortal kombat, you hit an entity like a person and they TP to you, you hit a block and it appears in your inv, etc

    also with the grappling hook you should be able to set string llength, perhaps based of the number of string in your inv, to control how long you can go as well as create a feature where you say have a string length of 3 and you shoot an arrow at a cieling, you then teleport the the block 3 blocks below the top of the cieling on top of a glass block, that way you can use this to edit hard to reach places

    yes I know im full of great ideas ;)
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    you guys are going to make it so i can give certain groups certain arrows right? please?

    and yoyo, a volley was in the original idea :D we are going to be able to change the number of arrows it shoots right?

    how about another video showing some new arrows :D
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    Permissions are archers.bow. + material name new video should come out soon
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