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    ElvenArcher - The plug-in for hardcore archers:

    Are you a hardcore archer, but did the range and effectiveness of bows let you down?
    This is the request topic that helps us archers out. Increase the speed and damage of
    all your arrows, so you finally are able to kill the creepers at long-distance, so you
    can protect your city effectively? Are you looking for a plug-in that allows you to zoom
    in, and take out opponents from the other side of the forest? Develop it!

    • Increase the speed/range (configurable?) of shot arrows
    • Increase the damage done by arrows (configurable?)
    • Permissions
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    I would love this plugin.
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    Maybe for a later version of this plug-in, make it compatible with SuperBow, or use its source (since it looks inactive).

    Can somebody look into this? If it's really that much work, just increase the range of bows, I'm begging you.

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    Suggestions are more than welcome.

    Perhaps add a zoom function as well. When you hold a bow, it zooms in and automaticy sets the render distance to far (as long as you hold your bow).
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    Still looking for someone to do it? i might have a go if you want? not to sure if the range can be done though
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    Please! I really hope the range can be done :)
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    Ill start tonight
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    Thanks in advance :D
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    Its all possible (sort of)i can speed up the arrow.
    here is what i have done:
    arrows are 1 shot
    What about a elimental arrow type thing so like if you activate fire arrows arrow set what they hit on fire?

    I can make it so the arrow doesnt stop after hitting a player so you can kill 2 or more people with the arrow?

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    @1337 Haha, you are the man!

    I would love to be able to configure or just that the default damage done is 10 (out of 20).
    You could use some of the code of this plugin for the fire thing, which I would love to have as well.
    Never thought of the arrows passing through players, but that rocks!

    But the most important things are the range (incease speed or perhaps lower the gravity) and default damage, and offcourse Permissions.

    Sorry for being so demanding.
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    Why would you need permissions? so only certain people have extra range and stuff? All of that stuff is doable
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    Yeah, we got different factions, Elves (archers), Humes (humans) and orcs. The other factions have other privileges, so we want good archer skills.

    BTW, the 1 shot feature, I love it, forgot to mention.
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    Oh i forgot the zoom would need a client mod so cant be done
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    No worries, it wasn't a necessity.
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    is this plugin in gonna be out? cause 1337 seems to be makeing it look sick :) i want in when its done lol
  16. This looks great! Can I make a request? If so I would love to have the number of people the arrows can shoot through customizable.
    [offtopic]My first post!!!![/offtopic]
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    A maximum amount of arrows that people can shoot? Why? I think we should keep it realistic.
  18. No, I said a customizable amount of people 1 arrow can shoot through. Because some people might not want this mod to allow an arrow to shoot through more than 1 person. Or they might want to increase the amount of people the arrows can shoot through.
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    LOL, totally misread that!

    "If so I would love to have the number of people the arrows can shoot, through customizable."
  20. This looks like a great server. Whats the ID? It kind of reminds me of fanctioncraft.
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    The server has just started, we barely have 5 active people online, but when the building stage is finished, we'll advertise on the MCForums and we probably are going to make it a 24/7 pay to play server.
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    :( i dont want to be helping a pay to play server, i think it is wrong

    On a more related note the people will at the moment act like a boosts, so when they hit a player/mob gets hit by an arrow the arrow speeds up again,but i think i can take this out now if you want?


    Some arrows shot with elvenarcher :)

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    Yeah I think it will be better if that is taken out.
    So how far is the range at the moment? On a vanilla server it's about 25-30 blocks.
    Thanks again:)

    About the p2p server, every dedicated server is pay to play, but I don't have enough money to pay €30,- a month.\
    If current users refuse to pay, I will rest the case, and continue on a homebrew server.
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    The server i play on i free to play and the owner pays 300 pound a month for the forums and the server and stuff, and you dont have to donate, and donators dont get any extra commands .
    The range is multiplyed by 10 at the moment, but that will be change able to what ever you want, you will also be able to set the damage
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    Oh God, you should know how much I love you, lol. It sounds perfect!

    About the p2p, I still go to school, don't work and run the server on this computer. I really can't afford a dedicated server, and the users came up with the idea to get a dedicated one.
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    <3 you to :)
  27. That sounds cool. I was Looking for a Simple and Lightweight Arrow Plugin.
    Could you make it so the Arrow turns into a Fire Arrow if its lit by Lava or Fire?

    Like you can Shoot on a Vanilla Server an Arrow through fire. And it Starts Burning. But Doesnt do Extra Damage or Burns Stuff. I would Love if that would be Possible.
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  29. Sure i did see that Plugin. But it works via Console Commands and Toggles between Fire Arrows and Normal Arrows.
    I wanted it Dynamicly when you shoot it through Lava.
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    Very excited about this plug-in!

    I do not mean to rush you, but do you have any updates on the current status of ElvenArcher?

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