Anyway to to create a new bukkit server?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by DanGaEb, Oct 21, 2014.

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    I'm new here so sorry if I'm being stupid :p

    I'd really like to create a new bukkit server but I tryed to download to software but it said there was some kind of problem :/ Is there anyway to download it? What should I do?

    Thanks :)
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    You won't find any help here to find a download as it is illegal to distribute it.
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    Well, at the present time you'll have to look into server options.
    Spigot,Rainbow (which I've been using and so far it's great), mcserver (C++ based), Trident (not ready yet), Sponge (Not ready yet), Glowstone (buggy but runs), and a few others. Pick your poison :p
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    Ok. Thanks ;)

    Please could I have a link to rainbow ;)

    @zeldakavira What did you edit? :confused:
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    Please do not triple post. I did not edit it, you are in forum moderation since you are a new user. Sometimes when we review a post it thinks we edited it when we accept it. Only shows up about half the time, an issue with the forums.
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    Ok. Sorry, I didn't know triple posting was illegal :/
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