Question Anyone know of some Plugins that could get this dumb idea working?

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Will this dumb idea look interesting or look like poop?

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    [Foreword: Basically i added a poll for anyone who would be interested in this, and at the same time anyone who thinks its the dumbest idea since actually listening to what people have to say on tumblr)

    Ok, basically, i was here a long time ago under a different account, got bored of minecraft, played too much XCOM, Civ 5 and CoH2. Ive come back now playing wayy to much modded mc and wanted to see if the idea was possible.

    On paper it seems simplistic, but i know that in application it is probably rediculous, but seeing the recent success of CivCraft and seeing the fact that this doesn't really deviate too much from what CivCraft is, Thought it might be possible, alright on to the actual question.

    I wanna slap together a modded server, with a few civilization elements (research, eco, production in a meh-ish way), a couple essential mods and such (NEI, Universal Electricity, ICBM, Thermal Expansion) and run Flans mod on top, and basically make a sort of long long LONG term factions/alliance/civ/nation/whatever the hell you wanna call it with a big tech tree. Low end of the tree limits you to minecraft-y stuff thats in vanilla, so in essence not much (this is before research), however when you join a faction or group or whatever, you can research techs by gathering some resources and pooling it, and then waiting said amount of time (eg wait 3 IRL hours to finish nuclear fission with your current science output or whatever) and basically have what is in Civ Beyond Earth now, a tech web, with diverging paths, but all leading to one goal, to get the best weapons/armour/vehicles (flans mod, remember?) to go and fight other groups with, yey!

    Basically, I have the concept fleshed out, and like always, anyone who has any java knowledge whatsoever who might wanna contribute to this project would be appreciated.

    Basically, I need a few things, and knowing how resourceful you absolutely goddamn perfect server admins/devs are, I would like to know if anything that Im listing exists at all to the public.

    Basically I need these mods/Plugins for this idea to flesh out, and I am very gracious if anyone can point out where to find them if they do exist.

    A small requirement however, is that all these mods need to work in a multiplayer environment, and they all need to support forge, and i need to be able to compile it into a modpack. If the author says i need his permission (or for all i care, they say no) then that will be fine, ill just discuss possible endeavours for this lil project.

    Anyways finally to the list of plugins/mods that if you guys could spot out for me, I need:
    - An interchangable Civilization Mod, like civcraft, but I want to be able to mess around with configs, tech trees, so on so forth, without potentially breaking the mod in general by digging into the code itself. If thats not available, I would then instead appreciate:
    - A customizable tech-tree/research system plugin/mod
    Basically this is a necessity, even if dump production, economy, and all that nonsense into something else, but Research and Development is a must for the idea. THe idea behind it is that players need to research a tech to get access to better weapons, armour and vehicles, and also to access more techs. It cant be something stale either, as the tree will be improved upon.

    - A workshop/advanced crafting/crafting requirements mod/plugin
    Basically I want players to be able to craft what they need, but they need to craft it in the appropriate place. I dont want someone headin out to the middle of a battlefield to build a tank. Supply lines and such, or the 'tactical metagame' is something i want to emphasise on this modpack/server idea. Workshops or some advanced crafting management would be a good mod, and it needs to be compatible with mods and vanilla recipes, even the extremely complicated flans mod vehicle crafting recipes.

    - A factions mod/plugin that ties into the above
    I dont care what its called, but people arent going to be doing their own thing to the top techs. Instead they are going to need to join a group of concentrated individuals working to progress their tech levels and their military might in a sense.

    - A hyper-realistic marketing plugin, or globalization plugin
    I want people to make their own economy, not use the one that the spawn shop or whatever makes. No spawn shops or VIP packages are going to be sold on this server, everything is equal for every player and every player will need to work their way to where they are in tech, faction status etc. Economy is a big one of these. I want players to make their own currency if needs be, and to have a possible plugin to handle the complex calculations and such, so instead of spending an hour trading items until both sides believe that whatever is fair, instead one side gives x amount of a well-recognised currency, other side takes for goods and services. If theres no plugins that provide this then it isnt the end of the world, ill just get an eco plugin and default prices and such, let players decide how much they pay for ingame stuff with ingame money.

    A version where it can all work on.
    Im not saying that someone needs to get a masters degree of analysing mod versions to see if x and y works, im asking for a minecraft version that would work with all the mods without having to mess with source code. I also need these things in something that would work with forge, so that way im not going to have the face of an idiot when i slap these mods together and then one or 2 parts dont work)

    Thats basically it, for now at least, in regards to extra stuff that I would like to try messing with, feel free to read my screwed in the head ideas:

    A Psionics mod: Yeah, Basically a mod that allows players to have psychic powers, I intend to have a late-tier research to be psionic research and seeing if humans can expand on their brain power and other sci-fi stuff i shouldnt be typing because screw you XCOM you killed any hope of making anything remotely workable.

    A Guns/Vehicles mod that is customizable, thats more stable than flans:
    I know what your thinking, WOAH WOAH BUDDY, OFF YOUR BANDWAGON YOU GO, but ive tried other projects with flans, didnt go well, every thing breaks if you start fiddling around and start making cool stuff like artillery, gunships, hell even goddamn ufos. If you have a fair amount of info regarding flans, feel free to give me tips on making custom guns and vehicles (I can make 2d textures and skins ez, I have techne but have the 3d modelling skill of a 3 year old) that dont break when applying funny little tweaks like rapid fire autocannons, arty batteries, so on so forth.

    A really freakin cool AI mod that works with flans
    yeah, im drunk on my own thoughts now, ill let myself out. But no seriously, if someone finds a mod with AI that work with Flans mod weapons, that would be literally the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread. Id be able to make more hostile guardians or whatever at certain areas.

    Some sort of customizable world generator that generates custom prefab objects.
    This is a bit wierd, but I want to make random locations around the world that people can use as not only reference points, but as actually interactive locations. It will also allow for me to set a theme-ish thing for the server.

    Anyways, if you guys are awesome enough to point me in the right direction, that would be more great than gravy.

    [Ending statement: God damn it, i need to stop writing things on reddit and other forums at 2pm at night.]
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    Removed monetary offer.

    Dev Applications are not allowed in this section. You can only hire a dev if you have an actual Server to show off in the Show off your Bukkit Server Section.

    Also, a lot of your requests can probably be filled by my Plugin Slimefun and some of its Addons. It adds a Research System, a tech tree, Machines, Electrical Gear as well as magical Things. Link is in my signature.
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    Thanks for the heads up with monetary offers and such. Had a look at slimefun, It is definitely something in the right direction. If the tech tree works with modded blocks/items/weapons/armour, then it basically has all that i need for the essentials.

    Also thanks for the quick response.
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    Well, it doesnt work with modded Items.
    It acts more like a replacement for mods.
    Slimefun basically adds new Items to the game without any mods installed.
    But it does support Mod Enchantments and such.
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    Damn thats a shame, I was really intending to use custom items and such (power armour/magical armour stuffs, firearms, so on) but thanks for the recommendation still, it does sound like something that I could fall back too if no other suggestions come up.
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