Any tips for a newbie ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GamaCraft, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Hi there, i'm new at minecraft server creating, i created a bukktit server with normal essentials + Better leveling.

    have you got any other plugins for me ?

    The reason i post here is i dont know about warps, can somebody teach me use /warp

    Like :
    is this a plugin or is it already in game ? Anybody can help pm your mail and i'll communicate you ^^

    My Second problem is some people destroy where the main city is, how can i block it ? Help please !
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    Thx for the help but i didnt understand the simple spleef thing, i saw a server, when you destroy something : it says : you dont have permission to do that and the block you destroyed comes back.. thats what i want..
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    I believe what you are looking for is WorldGuard its Region system allows you to deny building in specific areas.
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    you need World edit to use WorldGuard, and Rhino to use worldedit, wtf ? So complicated.. it didnt work i did all he said ^^
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    WorldEdit doesn't need Rhino, what is that anyway?
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    All you have to do to use worldguard is:

    1. Download worldedit.
    2. Put worldedit.jar in your server directory, right next to craftbukkit.jar.
    3. Download worldguard.
    4. Unstall worldguard like any other plugin
    5. Start server.
    6. ??
    7. Profit.
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    you only need rhino if you're scripting generators for worldedit. completely un-needed in your case
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